Sour Duck Turmeric Black Pepper Bread

I am not a bread baker at all - but guess what - like most people on Earth I love eating it.  Bread is great but what makes bread amazing - toppings!  Last week Anya and I decided to try out the Turmeric Black Pepper Sourdough from Sour Duck Market in Austin, TX.  It was perfect - a thin crunchy crust on the outside and tender on the inside - perfectly baked.  This particular sourdough is a weekend special bread that Sour Duck makes.  The first topping - guacamole with a poached egg and arugula...not too bad - great for breakfast. We wanted to make our own guacamole but the avocados weren't ripe yet. The next topping - cream cheese, figs, balsamic...better - it was Anya's favorite - she loves figs.  Next I grilled and sliced a filet and topped it with ghee butter sauteed garlic, jalapenos, and smoked New Mexican Chilis (thank you Tecolote Farm...these smoked chilis are probably my favorite thing...).  This was my favorite - great for dinner.  And finally the dessert - cream cheese, Texas peaches, and mint...sweet peaches and cream cheese - yes.  And we could not have done it without the fresh baked bread from Sour Duck Market.  They also have a ton of other great things - coffee, pastries, snacks, burgers/sandwiches, amazing draft cocktails, great beer, bluegrass on Tuesday, farmers market on Wednesday, great happy hours, brunch, patio, TVs for sports, dinner plates...pretty much the perfect spot.